Effective Online Marketing for Exceptional Online Experiences

Over the past 11 years, I've developed a broad knowledge of marketing, planning and effective communications. My skills in email marketing, search engine optimization/SEM, e-commerce and project management have earned me the opportunity to work with some wonderful companies. 

I started my career at VCommerce as a online operations account manager and continued to elevate to eBusiness Manager with 3M. I've helped forge relationships with TripAdvisor, American Express, Yahoo! and many more. Managing a $1.5 million media budget that was spread across Paid Search, Media placements and website development. My experience extends well into Strategy Development and Execution, Spanish optimization, Analytics and Client Management. Strategically managing these segments to reach the ultimate goal of customer acquisition & customer engagement, with a positive ROI.

I am Passionate and open to the fact that online media is an ever changing and growing space full of opportunities!

I graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix with a bachelors of science degree in management and a minor in marketing.